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The premier platform for effective corporate governance. Our comprehensive courses and services are tailored to empower boards of directors, chairs, and CEOs with the knowledge, skills, and insights needed to successfully navigate the complex world of corporate governance. With a global reach and a diverse range of courses tailored to specific segments, we cater to the unique needs of private companies, small-cap boards, large-cap companies, international boards, and rising stars in executive roles.

We understand that different types of boards have unique needs and challenges. That’s why we offer tailored courses for private companies, small-cap boards, large-cap companies, and international boards. Our courses provide valuable insights into governance practices specific to your industry and size, helping you enhance your board’s knowledge and skills. Whether you want to improve strategic oversight, decision-making, or sustainable growth, our courses are designed to meet your needs.

Our Courses

Explore our course categories below and discover how Boardroomeducation can help you enhance your boardroom effectiveness, drive growth, and maximize value for your organization.

Private Company Board Courses

Our courses are designed for private company directors. From governance best practices to risk management, financial reporting, and strategic planning, our courses empower private boards to excel in their governance responsibilities.

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Small Cap Boardroom Courses

Discover our specialized courses tailored for small-cap boards, including Pink Sheets, Microcap, and Nano Cap companies. These courses address the unique challenges faced by small-cap boards, providing insights into governance, regulatory compliance, transparency, and growth strategies.

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Large Cap Board Courses

Our comprehensive courses for large-cap boards delve into advanced governance topics such as leadership, stakeholder management, strategic risk management, and sustainable growth. These courses are designed to equip board members of larger organizations with the tools needed to navigate complex governance landscapes.

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International Board Courses

For boards operating in non-US markets or dealing with international governance issues, our international board courses are invaluable. Covering topics like IFRS reporting, emerging markets, and global governance trends, these courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an international context.

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Rising Stars – Executives Reporting to Board Courses

Our courses offer insights into effective communication, presentation skills, and understanding board dynamics for emerging leaders reporting to the board. These courses empower rising stars to navigate their roles effectively and contribute to board-level decision-making.

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Coaching, Networking, Seminars, and Visibility

Beyond courses, we provide additional support through coaching, networking opportunities, and seminars. Our aim is to enhance your professional network, foster connections, and provide a platform for visibility in the corporate governance space. Join our community and expand your reach in the boardroom arena.

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GBAC ESG Board Certifications Course

GBAC Offers EGS Board Certifications Courses. A board certification course educates and certifies individuals to serve on boards of directors. These courses will cover all aspects of EGG, ESG matters, implementation, long time sustainability, carbon market strategy, etc.

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Explore IFRS and ESG with our Board of Directors courses. Gain insights into the global financial reporting standards, their impact on sustainability, and strategies for effective oversight.

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AACSB Business Alliance Membership

Boardroomeducation is proud to be an AACSB business alliance member. As an industry leader, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of business education and delivering exceptional learning experiences to our participants. Our courses meet rigorous quality standards and provide practical insights aligned with global best practices.

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Pricing Plans

Plan/Promotion/Bonus OffersPriceBenefitsAction
Monthly Subscription Plan$99 per monthAccess all courses in the curriculum. Learn at your own pace. Unlimited access to materialBuy Now
À La Carte Pricing$50 per courseChoose specific courses based on your needsBuy Now
Entire Board Training Package$2,000 (Discounted)Train your entire Boardroom with all 7 courses for a discounted price of $2000Buy Now
Premium Board Training Package$3,500 (Discounted)Get all 3 Core Courses and choose any 4 elective courses for a customized training experienceBuy Now
One Course and Group Discount$40 per member (Minimum 5 members)For groups of 5 or more board members enrolling in a single courseBuy Now
Free Introduction to Corporate GovernanceComplimentarySign up for any pricing plan and receive a free introductory course on Corporate GovernanceBuy Now


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“Yusuf, We thank you and can't say enough about your skills and portfolio of materials. GBAC-Global Board Advisors Corp is the real deal. You take a vast amount of information and have created a means for us views to create actionable knowledge for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.”
Mark Kabbash
CEO of the Dandy Horse
"There are only two ways to address sustainability and ESG at Board and Executive Management Levels. The First method is trial and error. Errors do cost money, regulatory litigation, and in many cases, irreparable reputational damage by the stakeholders and investors alike. The second method, and by far the recommended method, is to get the right education from companies such as GBAC, where knowledge and certifications can be acquired and shared! To our knowledge, few executive certification programs integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence AI is all aspects of sustainability - from supply chain to carbon footprint reporting to process"
Manuel Vexler
Ececutive Director at AKFI

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