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Boardroom Education: Where visionary leaders convene to conquer complexity and forge dynasties

We conceived Boardroom Education as an elite sanctuary facilitating unparalleled mastery for leaders navigating complexity at industry’s highest echelons.

Access privileged insights from esteemed peers charting new frontiers of ingenuity. Together, exchange time-tested wisdom to construct thriving institutions as visionary as they are resilient.

Explore immersive courses catered to ambitions across private and public spheres. Here, amplify prowess and unlock upside at every inflection point on the trajectory of transcendence.

The boardroom is where dynasties arise and fall – will yours flourish for eons or fade to relics? Our knowledge guards against the latter.

Tailored Mastery for Every Seat at the Pinnacle:

As titans in your respective domains, you understand the nuanced challenges that sculpt your boardroom dynamics. Whether safeguarding a family legacy within a privately held enterprise, steering a multinational conglomerate, or propelling a disruptive startup, each journey demands distinct navigational tools.

Boardroom Education recognizes this. We curate ultra-personalized programs to empower boards of directors, chairs, and CEOs across the spectrum – private companies, small-cap boards, large-cap companies, and international boards. Each course is meticulously crafted to address the specific governance practices, industry landscapes, and growth aspirations unique to your boardroom.

Glean invaluable insights from esteemed peers facing similar complexities. Leverage collective brilliance to unlock game-changing strategies and craft a legacy as enduring as it is impactful. Whether you seek to elevate strategic oversight, hone decisive leadership, or drive sustainable growth, our programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive at the apex.

GBAC Boardroom Accreditations

Architecting Dynasties Beyond Borders: Explore Boardroom Education’s Realm of Unrivaled Boardroom Excellence

Private Company Board Courses

 Private Company Platinum Governance Echelon

Visionaries realize empires are untouched by impediments. The Platinum Council convenes tenacious titans erecting self-made kingdoms benefitting new generations. Take an uncontested seat amongst equally driven game-changers.

Our courses are designed for private company directors. From governance best practices to risk management, financial reporting, and strategic planning, our courses empower private boards to excel in their governance responsibilities.

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Small Cap Governance: Pink Diamond Governance Titanship

To exploratory visionaries, satisfy your craving to manifest the impossible through Pink Diamond’s venerable consortium of ingenious luminaries. Architect mythical ideas into game-changing realities by collaborating with recognized pioneers.

Discover our specialized courses tailored for small-cap boards, including Pink Sheets, Microcap, and Nano Cap companies. These courses address the unique challenges faced by small-cap boards, providing insights into governance, regulatory compliance, transparency, and growth strategies.

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Large Cap Board Courses - Certifications - Private Board Governance Courses

Large Cap Governance: Blue Diamond Governance Dynasty

Blend disruption with heritage – worldly stewards seeking bold frontiers unite with pioneers building expanding dynasties. The Blue Diamond network connects established aristocrats and ingenious contenders through reciprocal exchange.

Our comprehensive courses for large-cap boards delve into advanced governance topics such as leadership, stakeholder management, strategic risk management, and sustainable growth. These courses are designed to equip board members of larger organizations with the tools needed to navigate complex governance landscapes.

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AI Governance For Boards And Executives

AI Governance for Boards and Executives

AI is transforming businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Boards and executives need to be prepared to oversee the development and use of AI responsibly and ethically. (NEW “EU AI Act” March 2024) 

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International Board Courses

International Dual Listed Governance: Red Diamond Governance Sovereign

Global preeminence calls for perspectives beyond conventional borders. Red Diamond grants access to an elite international collective of innovators promoting unconventional outlooks spanning diverse cultures.

For boards operating in non-US markets or dealing with international governance issues, our international board courses are invaluable. Covering topics like IFRS reporting, emerging markets, and global governance trends, these courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an international context.

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Rising Stars Executives Reporting to Board Courses

Rising Star Governance: Leader Titanium Trophy Trailblazer

Rising luminaries deserve trajectories free of constraints. We conceived Titanium to propel protégés to orbits matching their monumental visions. Receive specialized tutelage focused wholly on your unique needs and ambitions from celestial mentors.

Our courses offer insights into effective communication, presentation skills, and understanding board dynamics for emerging leaders reporting to the board. These courses empower rising stars to navigate their roles effectively and contribute to board-level decision-making.

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Cybersecurity for Boards: Protect Your Organization from Ransomware, Cyber Incidents, and Insurance Claims

Cybersecurity for Boards: Protect Your Organization from Ransomware, Cyber Incidents, and Insurance Claims

In our courses, directors gain insights into cybersecurity risk management and how to protect their organizations from cyber threats.

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ESG Reporting and Integration with IFRS


Explore IFRS and ESG with our Board of Directors courses. Gain insights into the global financial reporting standards, their impact on sustainability, and strategies for effective oversight.

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Coaching, Networking, Seminars, and Visibility

Coaching, Networking, Seminars, and Visibility

Beyond courses, we provide additional support through coaching, networking opportunities, and seminars. Our aim is to enhance your professional network, foster connections, and provide a platform for visibility in the corporate governance space. Join our community and expand your reach in the boardroom arena.

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Boardroom Emerging Courses For All Leaders

A new, inclusive boardroom emerges, inviting leaders from all walks of life to collaborate and shape the future, fueled by diverse perspectives and shared ambition.

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GBAC ESG Board Certifications Course

GBAC ESG Board Electives

GBAC Offers EGS Board Electives. These electives will cover all aspects of EGG, ESG matters, implementation, long time sustainability, carbon market strategy, etc.

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AACSB Business Alliance Membership

AACSB Business Alliance Membership

Boardroomeducation is proud to be an AACSB business alliance member. As an industry leader, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of business education and delivering exceptional learning experiences to our participants. Our courses meet rigorous quality standards and provide practical insights aligned with global best practices.

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Pricing Plans

GBAC Accreditation Programs Course Price Individual Membership Corporate Membership Discounted First Year Membership Accreditation Fee Annual Renewal Action
Red Diamond – International Board Governance $950 $1,200 $2,500 $1,000 $10,000 $1,000 Buy Now
Blue Diamond – Large-Cap Board Governance $850 $1,200 $2,500 $1,000 $8,500 $850 Buy Now
Pink Diamond – Small-Cap Board Governance $300 $600 $1,500 $500 $3,400 $340 Buy Now
Platinum – Private Company Board Governance $300 $600 $1,500 $500 $2,800 $280 Buy Now
Titanium – Rising Leader Board Governance $250 $600 $1,500 $500 $2,300 $230 Buy Now



Discover how our offerings have positively influenced the lives of our customers and gain confidence in choosing us for your needs.

"In a world like AI, where the business, technology and regulatory landscapes are moving so rapidly, it was great to find a course that combined relevant recent events, the latest laws and regulations, and emerging best practices in a way that is easy to absorb without sacrificing depth and quality. I would recommend it highly for organizations who are starting to put their hands around AI and the role their board needs to play."
John McKinley
John McKinley
Equifax Board Technology Committee Chair (S&P 500) Founder Great Falls Ventures- Spearheaded Equifax's successful turnaround following their cyber breach.
"There are two methods available for ESG and sustainability strategy: GBAC, a certification program, or trial and error. Executive certification integrates sustainability with Their artificial intelligence Program. Thank you Yusuf. You show me the right path."
Home - GBAC Corporate Governance Education
Manuel Vexler
Ececutive Director at AKFI
"My understanding of AI governance has been enhanced by the Boardroom Education AI Governance course. It features case studies, a framework, and a review of course material. Anyone interested in AI governance should take this course."
Home - GBAC Corporate Governance Education
Glyn Milbrun
Board Member of (NYSE: POL), Former Board Member of 1847 Holding (NYSE: EFSH), and Current VP Operations
“Yusuf, we are grateful and cannot express how remarkable your skills and portfolio are. Information is taken and turned into actionable knowledge for all stakeholders. GBAC-Global Board Advisors Corp is the real deal."
Home - GBAC Corporate Governance Education
Mark Kabbash
CEO of the Dandy Horse

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